Athanasios K. Zachariadis, Assistant Professor


Born in Kavala in 1969. He graduated from the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1992). Consequently, he was awarded an LLM Degree from the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology and obtained his Ph.D. in Procedural Criminal Law from Aristotle University in 1996.

He was elected and appointed Lecturer in Procedural Criminal Law at the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2005 and he was elected assistant professor in 2012. He received a scholarship from the Law School of the Aristotle University for postgraduate studies (1994-1996) and a scholarship from I.K.Y. (State Scholarships Foundation) for postdoctoral studies (2000-2001). At the Law School of Aristotle University he teaches “Law of Criminal Procedure”, “Criminal Investigation”, “Selected subjects of Criminal Procedure” and “Forensic Psychology” at undergraduate level. He has taught “Law of Criminal Procedure” in the Police Academy (2000-2002) and from 2006 to date participates with lectures in seminars trainees of Thessaloniki Bar Association. From 2012 to date he teaches “Forensic Psycology” at National School of Judges. He has also been member of Endowments Commission and he is a member of Legal Commission of Aristotle University.

He partakes in the Legislative Drafting Committee of the Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights for the reformation of the Code of Criminal Procedure and he has participated both as secretary (1993-1996) and as a member in previous drafting legislation for the same purpose (2005-2009 and 2011-2012) and in the Legislative Drafting Committee for the inclusion in the Greek legal system of the Council Framework Decision 2009/299/JHA of 26 February 2009.

He is a regular contributor of the law journals “Yperaspisi” (1993-2000), “Poiniki Dikaiosyni” (since 2001), “Poinika Chronika” (since 2008), “Armenopoulos” (since 2001) and “Epitheorisi Nomologias” (1996-2004). He is also a member of Thessaloniki Bar Association since 1994 and Attorney at Supreme Court since 2000. He was awarded the “Dimitrios Babakos Prize” by the Hellenic Criminal Bar Association (2010).

The following books and essays constitute an indicative list of his publications: “The Law 1608/1950 about peculation of public funds, 1995, Ant. Sakkoulas editions, p.p. 182” - “Withdrawal and waiver of the appellate remedies in Procedural Criminal Law, 1999, Sakkoulas editions, p.p. 511” – “Judicial Chambers – The personal appearance of parties, 2012, Nomiki Vivliothiki editions, p.p. 251”, “The indictment, 1996, Nomiki Vivliothiki editions, p.p. 236” (co-authored with L. Margaritis) – “Deepening in Criminal Procedure, 1999, Sakkoulas editions, p.p. 393” (co-authored with L. Margaritis) – “Applied Criminal Procedure Law, vol. C, 2002 and 2nd ed. 2005, Nomiki Vivliothiki editions, p.p. 605” (co-authored with L. Margaritis) – “European Court of Human Rights: Proportionality and Fair Trial” in: Poinika Chronika 2005, p.p. 873-881 – “The referral of the accused in a court by an irrevocable decree of the Council Appeals”, in: Essays in Honour of A. Karras, 2010, p.p. 463-475 – “The detention of the appellant as a condition of appeal and the principle of proportionality”, in: Poiniki Dikaiosyni, 2002, p.p. 926-935 – “The parallel importation of the civil claims in criminal and civil proceedings”, in: Essays in Honour of A. Psarouda-Benaki, 2008, p.p. 841-853 - “Protection of witnesses during the prosecution of organized crime”, in: Essays in Honour of I. Manoledakis, vol. II, 2007, p.p. 767-776. Finally, he has written around 160 comments on judicial decisions, which were published in various legal journals.    


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