Ioannis Naziris, Dr. jur. - Lawyer


Yannis Naziris is a graduate of Aristotle University Law School (LL.B. & Diploma in Criminal Law) and Harvard Law School (LL.M.), while he holds a Ph.D. in international criminal law. His academic record includes numerous scholarships, awards and distinctions conferred by, inter alia, Aristotle University, Harvard University, the National Scholarship Foundation, the Onassis Foundation, and the Hellenic Harvard Foundation in recognition of excellence in academic performance (e.g. for graduating ‘summa cum laude’). He is an attorney, admitted to the Thessaloniki Bar.

He has lectured in Greece, Cyprus, and the US. In the context of his work at Aristotle University Law School, he has taught various courses in criminal law for over ten years. He has also introduced practical training methods, including clinical projects and moot court programs, resulting in a number of international awards and distinctions over the last twelve years. The Ministry of Education recently acclaimed these programs as an example of academic excellence nurtured at Aristotle University.

He has organized seminars and summer law courses (approved by the American Bar Association)with the participation of students from Europe and the US, aiming at advancing the study of international and comparative law. He has worked with various organizations and think tanks, such as the Brookings Institution and the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, while he has also participated in advisory bodies in his capacity as a member of scientific associations. He has also had some experience in the field of legal periodicals, having worked at the Harvard International Law Journal.

He has participated in a number of research projects(for instance as a post-doctoral researcher)both at Aristotle University and Harvard Law School. The pertinent research subjects include, inter alia, cybercrime, money laundering, personal data, the status of detainees at Guantanamo Base, coordinating health systems on a European level, etc. He has also worked as a research assistant to law Professors in Greece and the US.

He has lectured and written on various subject areas spanning the fields of criminal law, criminal procedure, international criminal law, comparative law, and human rights law.

He is currently participating in the research project A Cohesive Model to Counteract Financial Crime and Corruption in the Public Sector in Greece” as a post-doctoral researcher, entrusted with the task of identifying ways to coordinate administrative and criminal processesto address corruption.


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