Nikolaos Chatzinikolaou, Dr. jur. - Lawyer


Nikos Chatzinikolaou was born and raised in the island of Kos, Greece. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where he successfully obtained his PhD as well. He practices as a specialist in criminal cases since 2000, and he is a member of the Bar Association of Thessaloniki, appointed in the Supreme Court of Greece (“Areios Pagos”) since 2011, member of the Union of Jurists of Northern Greece, of the Union of Greek Penologists and of other scientific and professional unions.

He attended his master and Doctoral degree after he participated successfully in a Pan-Hellenic written competition, administered by the Greek State of Scholarships Foundation which nominated him as a scholar in the discipline of substantive criminal law and criminal procedural law.  He continued being a post-doctoral scholar of the same institution and the Research Committee of Aristotle University as well.

During the years of 1999-2012, he participated in teaching the undergraduate courses of the general part of Criminal Law and Penology, in the Law Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. 

Conduction of tutorials, designation of case studies and participation in organizing thematic seminars, were some of his main duties while collaborating with National School of Judges, Center of Treatment of the Addicted, Balkan Institute of Public Administration, Bar Association of Thessaloniki, Hellenic Agency for Local Development and Local Government, School of Further Education and Training of the Hellenic Police, Supreme Joint War College etc.

He has also participated in numerous Greek and European research projects such as ECLAN and ODYSSEUS.


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