Christos Lampakis, PhD Cadidate - Lawyer


Christos Lampakis is an attorney at law at Thessaloniki Bar Association and a PhD student in criminal law at AUTh Law School. He graduated from the School of law at DUTh law Faculty and holds a master’s degree in Penal and Criminal Science at AUTh. Since 2011, he is an alternate board member of Juvenile Protection Society, a member of the Human Rights Committee of Thessaloniki Bar Association and a member of the Central Scientific Council about the prevention and treatment of victimization and juvenile criminality.

Since 2012, he was awarded an ongoing scholarship by the public benefit foundation “Alexander S. Onassis” in order to elaborate his PhD thesis.

 He has participated in research projects such as the research program of KETHEA about addiction and drugs in collaboration with the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology of DUTH as well as in the transnational European program AGIS (PROJECT JLS/2005/AGIS/123) "Demand of stolen lives. Researching the demand side of Trafficking", completed by the Laboratory of criminal science of DUTH. He has also participated as a speaker at conferences and workshops concerning criminal law, such as the Conference of the DUTH Department of criminal Law and Criminology at 21-22 October 2009 on "human trafficking - Factors and impacts."

He has taken part in the collective work "Penal Code – commentary (Article 207 - 473), vol II, 2011". Specifically, he has performed the analysis of Articles 360, 370, 370 A, 370 B and 370 C Penal Code and was coauthor in Collective Works "the rights of the mentally ill – manual for students" and "the rights of the mentally ill-Manual for trainers" issued under the auspices of the National Confederation of Disabled People.

More Publications

- "The Conditions for Granting educational Leave to prisoners'’, Remarks on Judicial Council of First Instance of Thessaloniki 13/2008, PoinDik 2009, pp. 698

- “Custody and recent amendments under the Law 3811/2009”, Remarks on Judicial Council of First Instance of Thessaloniki 4/2010, PoinDik 2010, pp. 689 -

- “Special treatment of juvenile prisoners. Myth or reality?“, ”ENOPION” Issue 55, January-February 2010, pp. 53.


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